Tuesday, 4 October 2022

“And it was all yellow”

 This post looks at the latest unit for my 1620s/30s Swedish ‘Yellow’ Regiment. 

28mm figures from The Assault Group (TAG).

The latest unit is another ‘sleeve’ of shot for the expanding Swedish Squadron. All 28mm figures from The Assault Group (TAG). I made one head swap, on the sergeant. The original figure was wearing a Montero, but I preferred to have him in a helmet and so made a swap with a spare TAG figure. 

Rear view showing their swords etc.
Rear view, with the sergeant and drummer on the right hand side.
Casualty from Warlord Games and counter base from Warbases.

I’m definitely getting the hang of these now, and quite enjoying the uniformity. 

The Yellow Regiment, so far. (The command group are from Warlord Games.)

Here are the three completed units together;  the pike unit with two sleeves of shot, and also a command base I completed for the Yellow Regiment sometime ago (all Warlord figures, see here for more details https://theviaregia.blogspot.com/2019/05/generalmajor-count-nils-brahe.html).

They obviously know where they are going, and they’re off! (Flags from Flags of War.)

Next on the painting table, a respite from the yellow, and some ‘heavy metal’ horse for the Swedes. 

Close up on the Warlord Games command group.

Until next time!

Andy @ The Friends of General Haig. 


  1. A crackin looking unit Andy!

  2. Wonderful scenic shots Andy; as an ECW wargamer, to me, nothing says TYW like musketeers with helmets and musket rests 😁. Great looking regiment.

    1. Cheers, Codsticker. 👍 Agreed - they do look very TYW. Are you at all tempted to dip your toe across the channel in to the TYW? I’m sure you could re-use some of your ECW collection to get going.

    2. Possibly.... some of my horse could do, as well as one regiment of foot, and I have some command figures that are from TYW ranges. There is a fellow gamer not too far from me who is responsible for the TYW variant of Sharpe Practice and he is gently prodding me in that direction.

    3. Excellent. Interested in the SP variant for the TYW - is this in one of the TFL annuals? Have you played it, and if so, what did you think?