17th Century Wargames Rules

This Blog page provides a reference list of wargame rule sets that enable the recreation of seventeenth century battles on the table top, with miniatures.  This list is constantly evolving as new sets are released and as I discover older rulesets thanks to the recommendations from others.  The list is currently focused on rules for the first half of the seventeenth century.

Always a challenge for 17th Century rules, Montrose's 1644-45 Scots Royalist army.

Last Updated: July 2022.

"Here, then, are the rules of the perfect battle-game as we play it in an ordinary room."
From Little Wars, by H. G. Wells

Unlike when H. G. Wells penned his Little Wars rules today's wargamer is spoilt for choice in wargames rules, even for slightly niche periods, like the 17th Century.  I think the constant evolution of rules is good for the hobby as new sets of rules can provide a new way to look at the periods, and can provide new ways to enjoy our games with toy soldiers.

I have become a bit of a rules collector for this period.  Most sets provide the author's interesting take on what makes this period different, and how to present these as challenges to the toy solider general.  It is worth remembering that we are, of course, free to amend how we use other people's rules and I suspect very few people play rules purely as they were written.

There is a very interesting discussion about the wargames in the 17th century and the challenges it gives to rules writers and wargamers in Henry Hyde's BattleChat pod cast with Sir Sidney Roundwood here:
https://www.patreon.com/posts/battlechat-18-25160113.  (In particular minutes 0:31 to 1:16.)

When I first started this list I thought it would contain maybe only a dozen sets of rules.  However it has continued to grow and so I have re-written the page to make it easier to read through, and the rules are now listed in alphabetic order.  I have provided brief details for each set such as: the author, publisher, and where the rules are available from, with brief description of what I know of the rules.  I welcome any and all suggestions for updates and corrections. 

Rules and Description
1644 by Rick Priestly
Published by Wargames Foundry (1990)
Update May 2020 


Rick Priestly (wargames writing guru) wrote them. Do I need to say anymore? I am ashamed to say that I do not own a set, but I have this copy on long term loan. Only available second hand now. Lovely Perry Twin illustration on the cover and more throughout. A very useful campaign system included. The rules look straightforward and elegant, as you'd expect from Mr. Priestly. They have a simultaneous movement system which may be a struggle after playing alternate systems for so long!

Published by Dadie and Piombo
Update June 6th 2020


Dadie and Piombo are an Italian company and publish these rules in English and Italian. The rules are based on the popular Impetus set for ancients, and are distributed in the UK from Northstar. The rule book includes army lists for the ECW and TYW, and more lists are available on the Dadie and Piombo site (see above).


BelloLudi Pikes by Peter van Dop

Published by BelloLudi

New July 2nd 2022


BelloLudi are a games company from the Netherlands that produce and sell wargames rules for a number of periods. ‘Pikes’ is aimed at the period from 1530 to 1660.  The look to be a fairly fast play set and come with some special BelloLudi D10s. As an expansion there is a set of cards available, that works with all of their rule sets, to add an additional layer of ‘friction’ to games. 

As well as being available on their own website, the BelloLudi products are also available at: Noble Knight Games for the USA, Caliver Books for the UK, Tabletopper.nl for the Netherlands (and EU) and Battlefield Berlin for Germany (and EU).

Blood & Plunder
Published by Firelock Games
Update June 7th 2020


Blood & Plunder is a 'whole game' system with figures, rules, dice, terrain, boats and ships to allow you to fight large scale skirmish actions in the Caribbean.  A definite pirate feel, but on the historical side of the Yo Ho Ho genre.  Plenty of different forces, and a the rules blend naval and land warfare together very neatly.  Firelock Games have done a lot to support the system and there are plenty of YouTube explanations of the game.

By Fire and Sword by Konrad Sosiński & Rafal Szwelicki
Published by Wargamer


The rules are part of a whole game system produced by the Wargamer company in Poland. The rule system is focused on 17th century battles in Eastern Europe. As you can see from the front cover, very much focused on the spectacular Polish armies of this period. I hope to try the rules soon and see no reason why they will not work for battles further West. If you are just getting in to this period then you should definitely check out the website.

Wargamer sell everything for the game, including figures and terrain. The figures and terrain are designed for 15mm. I'm already committed to 28mm, but if I was going for 15s then the figures look great. The rules come in a hefty tome - but it is the sort of book that you should own, even if you will never play the game - it is stunning! The only ruleset to give Warlord a run for their money in terms of size, background content, and fabulous artwork. The rules include army lists for 1648-78, a period that Wargamer have titled 'Republic in Flames'. There are further supplements for other time periods also available.
Cavaliers and Roundheads by Gary Gygax and Jeff Perren
Published by TSR (1973)

A fascinating bit of wargaming history. The first thing that Tactical Studies Rules (later TSR) ever published, back in 1973, a set of ECW rules authored by none other than the father of RPGs, Gary Gygax. Wow. I expect these now go for more than the original $3 cover price. I will certainly be looking out for a copy to add to my collection.

Constantinople To Vienna by T. J. Halsall, R. G. Boss and G. J. Hyland
Published by Newbury Rules (1983)
Update June 7th 2020

You'll have to look for a second-and copy if you want to track these down.  Back in the day it seemed the two big rules producers in the UK were WRG and Newbury Rules.  Our club were followers of WRG, so we never had much experience of Newbury Rules.  I understand they are detailed but complicated and potentially slow to learn and play.  I may be doing them a massive injustice.  I think there was a separate set of army lists.  There is a 'Fast Play' version of the rules (also in this list).
De Bellis Renationis (DBR) by Phil Barker and Richard Bodley-Scott
Published by the Wargames Research Group (WRG)

I can remember being really excited when I first read De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA). A radical departure for the Wargames Research Group (WRG) 'stable' of rules back in the early Nineties. DBA evolved in to DBM which basically added more figures and complexity. I played DBM quite a bit, even playing in some competitions. DBR were the inevitable move from the Ancient/ Medieval era in to the Renaissance. I think they have some quite clever mechanisms to cover the way different troops supported one another (e.g. pike and shot, horse and command shot).

These are old school rules with just black and white text. There are separate sets of lists. I think these suffer from trying to cover every geography in the world for 300 years. (I have a 15mm Scottish Covenant Army (1651), packed away in a box somewhere, which was based for these rules which I must find sometime!)  The rules are only available hardcopy second hand, but google will turn upon some online versions. (I have been sent a comment that says that DBR was originally born from an article in the Arquebusier, the journal of the Pike and Shot Society.)
Donnybrook by Clarence Harrison and Barry Hilton
Published by The League of Augsburg
Update June 7th 2020


This is a skirmish set of rules that, although focused on the 1660-1700 time period, should work just as well for the first half of the seventeenth century.  The League of Augsburg and, associated Warfare Miniatures, produce great wargaming rules and figures for the 17th century, and the website is worth visiting just for the inspirational pictures.
Dutchman, Spaniard, Switzer, Swede by Douglas Hubbard

Not heard of them before they were suggested in the comments, but very interested now! Published in 1993, they seem to only be available second hand, if you can find them. Apparently there are expansions for the ECW and Eastern Europe.
The English Civil War - Airfix Guide by George Gush and Martin Windrow

One of the oldest sets of rules that I have (published 1978, one year before the second edition of the WRG Renaissance rules came out). Airfix guides were fabulous resources in there day. (My first rules were the Airfix Guide to World War II.) Historical background, modelling and collecting advice, wargames rules and scenarios. Perhaps a forerunner of today's Pike and Shotte, by Warlord, in terms of providing everything in a single book.

You can see the genesis of the WRG Renaissance rules in this set. A nice simple set of rules, but perhaps showing their age a bit now. The background information though is exemplary (it is George Gush!), and the scenario included in the rules is worth the price of picking up a copy, for what ever rules and period you intend to use it for. No longer available, you will need to search the second-hand sites for this little gem.

En Garde! by Craig Woodfield
Published by Osprey

Update June 2020

One of the growing number of 'blue book' rule sets produced by Osprey.  These are a very low-level skirmish set of rules, ideal if you want to recreate one to one games in this period with heroes such as the Musketeers or Alatriste.  They have a fun and entertaining combat system that allows heroic swordsmen to fight against the odds and win.  They will bog down if you use too many figures, and 10 per side is getting too big. We have played a few games at our club with these and they are easy to pick up, providing lots of excitement. Highly recommend!

Fast Play Rules for The Pike and Shot Period by T. J. Halsall and R. G. Boss
Published by Newbury Rules (1980s?)
Update June 7th 2020

You'll have to look for a second-and copy if you want to track these down.  Back in the day it seemed the two big rules producers in the UK were WRG and Newbury Rules.  Our club were followers of WRG, so we never had much experience of Newbury Rules.  I think there was a separate set of army lists.  There is a more complex/detailed set of these rules (also in this list) called Constantinople to Vienna.

Father Tilly by Stephen Danes
Published by AB One Games
Update July 2nd 2022

See Wargames Vault here: https://www.wargamevault.com/product/63303/Father-Tilly?src=also_purchased

These rules for the Thirty Years War are aimed at fighting all sizers of engagements with 28mm figures. There are always a number of supplements available that cover different parts of the war, including warfare in Eastern Europe, and also campaign rules.  Apparently the rules have been through several iterations.

Field of Glory - Renaissance by Richard Bodley-Scott, Nik Gaukroger, and Charles Masefield
Published by Slitherine


These evolved from DBR (see above). They were part of a move by Slitherine (the software / games company) in to analogue games. There was a collaboration with Osprey who provided lots of lovely artwork. These were 'big' on the competition scene for a while, and apparently are still well liked by those who play competition games in this era. When reading them they quickly come across as a competition set. (They do have lots of diagrams, which are helpful.) They use element basing.

I think, like so many of the WRG style of rules, they suffer from trying to cover every army in the world over a 300 year period. I found these a bit unfathomable, perhaps I had become a bit lazy in learning such dense rules. Never played them in competition, but they were popular for some years. See the BHGS amendments linked to above.

The rules are now only available second hand, and you will also need to track down the various army list books. The 'War of Religion' volume covers ECW and the Thirty Years War. The rules and the lists are very nicely illustrated throughout with some very nice figures, and also Osprey artwork. The army lists includes some nice backgrounds to the individual armies. The explanatory diagrams are very nicely done - not seen these done better.
File Leader by Peter Berry
Published by Partizan Press


Available from Caliver Books. Relatively unusual for this period in being a skirmish set of rules. I am amazed that there are not more low-level sets for this period. Much of the first hand accounts of this period focus far more on 'actions' (small scale skirmishes) rather than grand battles. I think these rules evolved from a set called 'Once Upon A Time In The West Country' which is the best sounding name for a set of rules ever! A nice simple set of game mechanics. Need to try them out.
Forlorn Hope by Peter Berry and Ben Wilkins
Published by Partizan Press
Updated June 6th 2020


I think these rules were the first I read that used the terms Trotters and Gallopers to describe the two key doctrines for how cavalry fought in this period. They were also the first set I read that classified infantry units based on their ratio of pikes to muskets. Simply put, units with a high ratio of pikes to muskets are good in combat but bad at shooting, and vice a versa. Quite a weighty set, but still liked by many.

The current 'revised and updated' edition has lots of nice colour illustrations including flags for the ECW.  There is a quick reference sheet, as well as ECW army lists and scenarios being included.
For King and Parliament by Simon Miller and Andrew Brentnall (To The Strongest)
Published by the authors.
Update May 2020


Based on Simon's very successful To The Strongest Ancient / Medieval set. An innovative set based on a grid system (no measuring required) and using cards (no dice required). Definitely fast play and seem to be enjoyed by everyone who tries them. A great big battle set, with lots of period flavour. (I'm a big fan of everything Simon does, and have found his games inspirational for many years.

These rules have recently been promoted to the "I've played them" list! They are a really quick-play set of rules and we typically got through two games in a club afternoon. Tried the cards, but reverted to D10s as an alternative. You need a big table if you want to use large, 28mm units. Great fun and recommended! (There is a useful quick reference sheet available on the website forum.)

Furioso by Steve Danes
Published by Alternative Armies.
Update May 2021


These rules are focused on 16th century battles, but can probably be used for 17th century games as well.  They were recommended to me by Gareth Lane, known as Lord Raglan on Twitter etc, who rates them highly.  They are are available hard copy and also in electronic form.  There is a rule book and an Italian Wars supplement available. 
“Gott Mit Uns!” by Lance Flint
Published by KoH Games
Update 20th May 2021

https://www.magistermilitum.com/gott-mit-uns.html (available from a number of sources according to Google, but I can’t find any info. on KoH Games.)

These are a thin and simple set of rules, written on the basis that the reader has a basic understanding of how wargames rules work.  They are a grid based with an emphasis on fast play, where figure scale and basing doesn’t matter as long as you can distinguish between different types of formation.  They work at a relatively high level with each unit typically representing a brigade of horse or foot. Units are activated on a dice roll, with faster / more manoeuvrable troops having the ability to move more often.  Shooting and melee are straightforward with the attacker scoring ‘hits’ based on its size and ability, and the defender’s situation.
In Deo Veritas by Philip Garton
Published by Helion
Update December 23rd 2020


The first wargames rules published by Helion who, I am sure, are a publisher that most wargamers will already be familiar with. The rules use an element basing system and are designed to allow very large battles to be fought relatively quickly using smaller scale figures. The rules are nicely put together and feature lots of pictures of some beautifully painted 10mm figures.  
(Update - most of the figure painting is by https://www.battlebrushstudios.com/ - check out Sigur’s site for his fabulous painting service, and also his private blog for all sorts of wonderful inspiration https://www.tabletopstories.net/language/en/.)
Irregular Wars: Conflict at the World's End by Nicholas Wright
Published by the author
Update June 6th 2020


This is a skirmish set that I have just learnt about.  It focuses on games in the frontiers of civilisation, as they were perceived in 'civilised Western Europe; namely the Americas and the North Western Celtic fringes of the British Isles. Players take the part of 'lords' who are trying to conquer new land and/or loot in a hostile territory.
The Kingdom is Ours by James Daniels
Published by Bicorne Miniatures


Bicorne not only make lovely ECW/TYW figures but also publish these rules authored by the owner, (and long time buddy of mine) James Daniels. 
Lion Of The North by Michael Peters
Published by the author
Update June 7th 2020


A set of rules focused on the TYW and available free online.  

[Note. There was also a set of the same name back in the 1990s, Lion of the North by Neil Danskin but no trace remains on the internet.]
Update July 2nd 2022
Musketeer by Dave Millward
Published by Heritage (1976)
Update June 7th 2020

These old school rules are no longer published so you will need to scour the second-hand market.  From comments online it seems they are in the same vein as the WRG Renaissance rules, but a bit simpler.  
Once Upon A Time In The West Country by Peter Berry
Published by Partizan Press
Updated June 7th 2020


Surely one of the most clever names for a set of rules!  These are ECW skirmish rules. I'm not sure how these differ from File Leader from the same author.  There is a companion set "Once Upon A Time In The West Indies" which focused on pirates. 
Pikeman's Lament by Daniel Mersey and Michael Leck
Published by Osprey
Update June 6th 2020


Not quite sure how I forgot to mention this set originally.  One of the Osprey 'blue book' rule sets.  They follow on from the very populate Lion Rampant medieval set, which also spawned the Dragon Rampant fantasy set, also by Daniel Mersey.  Michael Leck, the co-author, was instrumental in getting the original Lion Rampant rules morphed in to the 17th century. He has a great Blog (Dalauppror) with lots of play throughs, and armies he's created for this game.  It is a 'large skirmish' scale and is very easy to pick up and play.
Pike and Shotte by Steve Morgan
Published by Warlord Games


My current 'go to' set for the 17th century. I like the simple, yet clever command and control, and above all their flexibility and tailor-ability. I have written a fuller review here: LINK.

There are two supplements available so far: The Devil's Playground, focused on the Thirty Years War, and To Kill A King, focused on the English Civil Wars.

Polemos English Civil War
 by Peter Berry, David Heading and Edward Sturges
Published by Baccus
Update June 6th 2020


These rules are aimed at allowing your to refight large battles, and are aimed, unsurprisingly, at 6mm armies. The Polemos system is tailored for individual periods which I think is a neat idea.

The Portable Pike & Shot Wargame Book
 by Antoine Bourguilleau, Alan Saunders, Arthur Harman and Bob Cordery.
Published by Ellington Books
Update July 2nd 2022

See Wargames Vault here: https://www.wargamevault.com/product/395406/The-Portable-Pike--Shot-Wargame?filters=0_0_0_44510

Actually a collection of different rules sets for the period, covering late 16th century warfare in Japan and 17th century warfare in Western Europe.  The rules are grid based and focus on the ‘battle in a box’ idea. As well as the rules, the book provides some scenarios and ideas for rule mechanisms.

Push of Pike  – Wargame Rules  for 1639–1660 by Craig Burnett
Published by Craig Burnet, Mortdale, Australia
Update September 16th 2021


These are a set of ECW rules from Australia, published in 1992.  They include a card based activation system.  I’m not aware if these rules are currently available.  The link above is to a short review of the rules. Many thanks to ‘Jacksarge Painting’ for the recommendation. 
Regiment of Foote 
Published by Peter Pig
Update June 6th 2020


This set is part of Peter's Pig's extensive rules portfolio.  These are focused on the ECW and use a grid system.  Aimed at using 15mm figures on a 4' x 3' table. Perter Pig make some great figures including a range for the ECW. 
Renatio Et Gloriam by Alasdair Harley and Simon Hall
Published by The Wargames Zone
Update June 7th 2020


At the time of writing the Ancients version of these rules, Mortia Et Gloriam (typically shortened to MeG), seems to be going down a storm in the Ancients competition scene. ReG are currently free to download from the link above, and there are plenty of online supports available, and lots of army lists online.  The sites says they are looking for feedback so this feels like an interesting rules 'beta test' approach. This is an element based game and, assuming it follows on from MeG, will be suitable for competition style games. 
Liber Militum: Tercios  by Abian Suarez Hernandez and Rayco Suarez Hernandez

Published by El Kraken Released

Update July 2nd 2022


These rules are produced by a Spanish company and are available in English or Spanish.  They use an interesting looking card based order system, and the cards are available on Scribd.  There is also an expansion volume, Kingdoms, which covers some new rules, as well as additional army lists for the War of the Three Kingdoms (ECW) and 17th century conflict in Eastern Europe.

The main rules, and the expansion volume, are very nicely produced with a clear, full colour layout, and attractive period illustrations.  There are lots of helpful diagrams to explain the rules, and also how to form units with figures based to different formats. 

El Kraken also produces Tercio Miniatures and have a few successful Kickstarters under their belt as they have expanded their ranges.

Tercio Wargames Rules and Army Lists 1480-1700, 5th Edition by Peter Harris Published by Tabletop Games (1982)
Update June 6th 2020

These rules were in the same vein as the WRG set for this period by George Gush. They are definitely of their age, and add even more factors and tables than the similar WRG sets. In my youth I thought that even more detail must be a good thing. Instead it slowed everything to a snail's pace, as a beginner with the rules, and I gave up trying to use them.

Now only available second hand, this 5th edition included army lists.  It is typical of rules of this era and uses a very simple black and white type-set presentation.
Tilly's Very Bad Day by Steven Thomas
Published by the author
Update May 2020


The author, Steven Thomas, of these rules has been discussing their evolution on his blog for some time (above), and so I was interested to get them when he decided he was ready for 'publishing'.

They are available (see links) as a free PDF download, or as a printed copy through Lulu (as pictured). The rules are very clearly layed out with lots of helpful diagram. They work on an element based system and are focused on the Thirty Years War (The 'Tilly' in the title refers to Field Marshal Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly).
Twilight of Divine Right by Nichola Dorrell
Published by the Pike and Shot Society


This set is published by the Pike and Shot Society, so comes with a healthy historical pedigree. (Pike and Shot Society link here https://www.pikeandshotsociety.org.) If you like this period and you are not a member , then you should be! At the time of writing I have only read through the rules and not yet played them. Will report back when I have tried them. Published at the same time was a book of ECW and a book of TYW scenarios. Useful what ever rules you play with. 
Very Civile Actions
Published by Perfect Captain
Update June 7th 2020


These online/PDF rules, focused on the ECW, are based on the Perfect Captain rules system and you will also need the "Spanish Fury, Actions" base rules from the same site.  The system includes campaign rules, and there is a lot of support material available on the linked site.  The rules are freeware but the authors ask that you make a donation to charity for the rules, which is a great touch.  
Victory Without Quarter by Clarence Harrison (League of Augsburg)


A free (online) set of rules! From one of the brains behind the League of Augsburg / Warfare Miniatures, whose games have inspired me for many years. Quick paced, and characterful, I like this set. I need to give it a run out.
Wargames Rules for Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries (1420-1700) 2nd edition by George Gush
Published by Wargames Research Group


This is where Renaissance games started for me. All my views of these rules are massively tinted with huge dollops of rose-tinted, nostalgia. Mr. Gush is, of course, a giant of gaming in this period, on whose shoulders we all now crowd. I played these heavily for over 10 years. They were what all other rules were to be measured against, in my mind. Looking back they seem very clunky with their casualty tables and lengthy morale tests. I am not sure anybody at our club could behave in a game with simultaneous movement nowadays, but that is how it was all done then.

I keep saying I will try them again, but have not got around to it. The original edition is only available second-hand, but John Curry has been reviving many old sets of rules and wargaming literature, including this set. I have mysteriously lost my original copy (probably stuck inside something else in the loft!) so was happy to pick up this new edition. The Quick Reference Sheet and Army Lists book are available as downloads on John's website. 
Warhammer English Civil War by John Stallard
Published by Warhammer Historical


Warhammer Historical had a big impact on our club, and we played a lot of Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) and Warhammer English Civil War (WECW). John Stallard (then part of GW, now Warlord Games supremo) being a member of the club probably had a lot to do with this! I have to confess an interest in that I penned the army lists for these rules.

The Warhammer Historical rules were a big change to the then traditional WRG / DBx type of rules. Big Production values, full colour, historical background, scenarios and included army lists, were all trade marks of these rules.  You can see the heritage of the Warlord Games rules sets here.

WECW were a not-too-serious, fun game, and normally very bloody. If you like (Old World) Warhammer Fantasy, then these will be right up your street. Sadly no longer available, but you can still come across these second hand, including on Amazon.
The Warre Game 1632 - Confusion To Thy Enemie by Steven Jones
Published by the author


I came across these rules while I was researching Lützen, 1632. They are suitable for any mid-17th century game, including, of course, Lützen! The system use special dice (a set is included with the rules), and have a good period flavour, focused as they are on Central European warfare in 1632. At the time of writing I have only read through the rules and not yet played them. Will report back when I have tried them. Steven also maintains a FaceBook group, so if you use FaceBook then there is more info there.
Warr Without an Enemie by the Wyre Forest Wargames Club  
Published by the authors
Update June 6th 2020


Rules available from the WFWG on the site above as a payed for PDF.  The site also include scenarios for the rules. 

With Pike and Musket by C. F. Wesencraft
Published by The Elmfield Press

This is the oldest set I own (published 1975); inherited from my father-in-law, who shared a love of this period. The Tabletop Gaming website have an interview with the author, perhaps one of the sometimes overlooked fathers of the hobby here https://www.tabletopgaming.co.uk/images/files/MWBG-370-Charlie-Wesencraft.pdf . A real manual for how to play wargames. Includes rules and some great scenarios based on actual battles. A very handy little resource, and with some great B&W pictures of 1970s toy soldiers. 

Is this list not long enough?  Well, I'm aware that this may not be a comprehensive list.  If you are still looking for more rules then there are a couple of options.  First of all, The Miniatures Page (TMP) site has a rules Directory section, broken down by 'period'.  The link below takes you to the Renaissance list.  The list can be sorted by title, date released or rating given by TMP readers.  The directory covers rules beyond the rough focus of my list (1600-1660), and also covers naval as well as land warfare. There are probably over 250 sets of rules listed - amazing! (I have found its not always easy to find out how to acquire the rules listed.)


You can also search on Wargame Vault.  This list has things like paper models and board games, as well as rules.  You can filter by period and land/sear/air etc. More than 700 items listed for the Renaissance, wow!


Congratulations for getting to the end of the page!


  1. Might want to take a look for Cavaliers and Roundheads (Gary Gygaxs set) https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/25990/cavaliers-and-roundheads

    or Dutchman, Spaniard and Swede https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/30320/dutchman-spaniard-switzer-swede (note - there is an expansion for this as well)

    By Fire and Sword and its expaansions

    Finally - early on before DBR was officially published - there was in my opinion a better version published in the Arquebusier

    1. Thanks for true suggestions, I will update the list . By coincidence I have just been lent a copy of By Fire and Sword, so look forward to a fuller description of that one. (Also found that the rules and some army lists are now available for free download on the manufacturer’s site.)

  2. You can add in 'Tercio' I picked up my copy back in about 1992, 'traditional' style rules heavily influenced by WRG. Personally, I think DBR still works very well for big battle ECW and TYW, less so for Eastern Europe and Asia.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Doug. I had forgotten about the TTG Tercio set. I have now added them in to the list. I remember finding them a bit hard going. I've not tried DBR further East so useful to know - thanks for the info! :)

  3. Just a brilliant list - I am really struggling to think of any others. Well done, Andy!! A really welcome and useful list.

  4. Thanks, Sir Sidney! I will try to keep this up to date, but do say if anything is missing 👍

  5. Have you tried "Push of Pike"? http://miniatures.de/wargame-push-of-pike.html

    1. Hi, Jacksarge! I have not heard of those, but thanks for the recommendation👍. I have added them to the list. Do you have a copy? What are they like to play?

  6. Many thanks for this extensive list, very useful mate. Congrats!

  7. There's also 'The Portable Pike & Shot Wargame', which has three sets of rules in it - one for 30YW/ECW, one specifically ECW and one for Tokugawa Japan (!) - as well as some other bits and pieces on suck things as sieges.

    (Disclaimer: I wrote one of the sets of rules in it :) )

    1. Thanks, Kaptain - I will add those to the list. 👍

  8. There is another rule set and a board game called Lion of the North. The rules, written by Neil Danskin, were published in the early 1990’s. I own a copy but can find no trace of the rules online. The board game was published by GMT and includes Breitenfeld and Lutzen. I’m not sure whether it is in print.

    BTW the activation system you describe for Gott Mit Uns! can hardly have helped it’s popularity.

    1. Thanks, Jon. I have a different sent listed under the name ‘Lion of the North’ already. I will add a note in case anyone comes across the Neil Danskin version. I will bear in mind the board game, but will not add that for the moment - perhaps board games should have their different list?

  9. Another omission is Father Tilly, by Stephen Danes. Version IV, which is available as a download, is effectively a completely new set, designed for gaming smaller actions in 28mm, whereas the earlier editions were intended for full battles in 15mm.

    The free Lion of the North in your list appears to have been removed from the hosting site.

    1. Thanks, Jon. I will add Father Tilly to the list. 👍

  10. Re DBR, it's nowadays purchasable again in the form of a Lulu print-on-demand edition collecting the rules (2nd edition) and all the lists in a single volume.

    1. Thanks, Andrea’s, useful info. I will include that in the next update 👍.

  11. Hello, Love your blog and this resource. Thanks for putting this together. I was looking for an email, but couldn't find one, so I'm dropping this comment. I have put together several systems for gaming the early 17th century that you might be interested in. Each has its own page on my blog. https://edmwargamemeanderings.blogspot.com/

    Smalle Warre: https://edmwargamemeanderings.blogspot.com/p/sm.html


    Baroque Battles: https://edmwargamemeanderings.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_28.html

    There is also a content page with Pikeman's Lament Resources (just an FYI).

    Ed M

    1. Hi Ed, really glad you like the blog, and the rules page. Thanks for your rules references, I will include in the next update, that is building into a biggy! Just had a look around and your blog is a fabulous resource. It never ceases to amaze me that there is so much useful stuff out here on the web, and also how I can be so oblivious to it - glad you commented as I have now followed your blog.

  12. Replies
    1. You’re very welcome, Golgotha 👍. I hope it is useful.

  13. Might consider adding Rules for the TYW by Jack Scruby from Table Top Talkhttp://www.tabletoptalk.com/?page_id=330

  14. We play "Bibles & Buff Coats".

  15. Thanks for the kind words re FK&P! I'm delighted you've had fun with them.