Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Haiduk Command

 In this latest blog post I tackle some command bases for my Polish early 17th century Haiduks.

Haiduk Command Bases with Foundry and TAG 28mm figures

Units of Haiduks, known as ‘Banners’ were led by a Rotmistrz and included ensigns, musicians and NCOs known as tenth men. I thought that representing these on a base would add some colour to my Polish infantry. 

Both Foundry and The Assault Group (TAG) have Haiduk command figures and I’ve mixed these two manufacturers to form two bases. 

The Rotmistrz was allowed a servant ‘boy’ on the Banner payroll as an assistant, and servants are frequently shown carrying weapons for officers. Both Foundry and TAG have a boy carrying weapons in their command packs, following the illustration in the Osprey Men-at-Arms on the Poles. The Rotmistrz and his boy were dressed and equipped at the Rotmistrz’s whim and expensive. As a noble we can expect rich clothing, featuring furs for the Rotmistrz himself.  The ceremonial mace or Bulwa was a symbol of rank, and a large two handed sword seems to have also been a popular weapon. In one of my command groups the Rotmistrz has the sword and his boy is carrying the his Bulwa. This is reversed in the other group. 

As discussed in my blog post on the rank and file Haiduks they were, unusually for the time, uniformed. The ensigns and tenth-men may have had a fancier version of the uniform but I’ve decided to keep with the same colours as the rank and file. 

For the flags I have used those distributed for free on a blog here: . The blog includes a set that work well for Haiduk units and are inspired by the Stockholm Roll (  These are large flags, but match the size of those shown on the Stockholm Roll. The Poles did use flags larger than used in Western Europe, but even if these may be oversized, they will certainly look spectacular on the table!

TAG Haiduk Casualty on a Warbases Counter Base

Wargamer 1666 Character ‘Octavia’ on a Warbases Counter Base

To go with the command bases I also painted a couple of figures to go on Warbases casualty counter bases. The first is an out of action Haiduk, and the second is a slight whim of fancy. I saw this figure for the 1666 game from Wargamer ( and thought it would be fun to paint. I’m also short of casualty makers for my cavalry units and so an unhorsed cuirassier figure should be just the thing.

Some ‘Dutch Courage’ for this Tenth-Man.

The next unit on the painting bench is going to be from the new 1898 Thirty Years War cavalry range. I’m looking forward to it.

Until next time,

Andy @ The Friends of General Haig 


  1. Beautiful figures and love those flags! Where'd they come from?

    1. Cheers, Ray. Flags free downloads from here :

  2. Gorgeous banners! What a great idea to showcase them.

  3. Wonderful command stands. I love the action in the flags.

    1. Thanks, Codsticker, I’m pleased that the home printed flags worked much like the commercially bought ones.